1. What is TKiEE?

TKiEE is designed to enhance classroom interaction. Students simply click a link to access the material presented by the lecturer and can interact with the material by asking questions, responding to quizzes making annotations and a number of other useful learning enhancing features.

2. How can I use TKiEE?

TKiEE is very easy to use. As a lecturer you simply upload your files onto TKiEE. The system automatically issues you with a link which you can send to your students to join your class. You are now ready to use TKiEE.

3. What are the benefits of using TKiEE?

TKiEE engages your students during the class and allows them to interact with you and the classroom material. TKiEE is packed with features and the pedagogical benefits of TKiEE are outlined in our Benefits document which you can access by simply enter www.tkiee.com

4. Does TKiEE provide recording facilities?

Yes, TKiEE allows you to record your presentations so that students who missed a lecture can review the materials. In addition to viewing the recorded presentation from start to finish, TKiEE has the powerful capability of recording each slide one at a time. This allows students to quickly view the presentation one slide at a time and move directly to the slides they wish to have further explanation of, or to view them over and over until they are happy that they understand the material.

5. Can the students ask questions during class?

Yes, Students can ask direct questions during the presentation. However some students may be too self-conscious to raise their hand and ask a question. TKiEE allows them to use their laptop, tablet or mobile phone to ask questions of the lecturer before, during or after the presentation. Questions can even be asked anonymously so that the student is not identified.

6. Can I post quizzes during class?

Yes, TKiEE allows you to upload existing quiz questions or create quiz questions when you wish and post them at an appropriate time during the presentation. Students can be given a set time to complete the quiz or you can automatically collect the quiz responses at a certain time. As quizzes are associated with particular slides the lecturer can get an understanding of to how well students have understood the material presented on a particular slide.

7. Is TKiEE secure?

Yes, TKiEE uses the latest security mechanisms to protect your presentations and data. TKiEE is secure and your data is fully protected.

8. How does TKiEE assist English as a second language (ESL) students?

TKiEE has a powerful feature that identifies key words in each slide of your presentation which allows students to seek definitions of these words as well as having the option to translate the words to another language.

9. What are the requirements for using TKiEE?

TKiEE is designed for simplicity. Unlike many products which require the user to download an app, TKiEE requires no such downloads. Both students and lecturers only need to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or their mobile network to access and use TKiEE.

10. What about external/remote students?

With TKIEE students can participate in class from their home, office, from a coffee shop, a park or even attend the class as long as they have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Students using TKiEE can lecture view and listen to the lecture as well as ask or respond to questions and quizzes from the lecturer. This is done in real time with the student being at any location. With TKIEE students can participate in class from their home, office, from a coffee shop, a park or even attend the classroom. With TKiEE students can participate in class from their home, office, from a coffee shop, a park or even attend the classroom.

11. Does TKiEE allow links to other resources?

Yes, you can embed links in TKiEE for students to access at the appropriate time of the presentation. TKiEE also allows you to embed "label" into the presentation which can be used for further explanation and assessment.