TKiEE supports the following platforms;

  • Operation System:   Microsoft® Windows, Apple® Mac OS®, Red Hat, Fedora™, CentOS and other Unix/Linux based System.
  • Internet Browsers:   All latest desktop browsers (IE10+, Firefox 23+, Safari, Chrome 39+, Opera and others).
  • Mobile:                       Default Android browser or Mobile Safari & Android 2.3+ or iOS 6.0+

Important Notes:

  • TKiEE recommends using Firefox or Chrome for best recording and broadcasting quality.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari on Desktop PC for Lecture Recording, your browser must have enabled Adobe Flash plugins.
  • Android mobile devices require Firefox for recording the lecture.
  • Lecture recording on IOS and Windows Mobile devices is not currently supported within the browser.
  • An IOS App is required for recording on iPad and iPhones and it will be released to the App market shortly (you will be notified in the main screen or via an email when it is ready).
  • Presenters and participants (except for guest participants) need to have an account with TKiEE. TKiEE offers free signup directly online, batch creation or LDAP authentication. Please contact the TKiEE team if you require any related assistance.
  • TKiEE is a pure browser-based system. Please consider changing your device screen timeout time for best experience.

Basic Workflow