Creating & Presenting

Creating Sessions

  • Start your PC and start your favourite Browser (We recommend Firefox or Chrome)
  • Go to the TKiEE Website : and Login
  • You will notice several tabs

    Presenter:        Create or enter an existing session
    Participant:      Enter an existing session
    Session List:    Search past private and public sessions you will notice several tabs
  • Click on the ‘Create New Session’ tab

    Enter Session Name:            Choose a searchable and descriptive name (e.g. Course code or Course Name week 1)
    Enter Session Password:      Please pick a new password, you don’t have to use your account password so you can share this with your guest presenters.

    You will notice two ‘check boxes’ as shown below.
    Public (anyone can join):                Tick the box to make this session available for anyone including anonymous users. Please note that statistics cannot be collected from anonymous users.
    Allow anonymous participants:      Participants can join this session as guests (useful in public seminars)

  • Now click on the ‘Create New Session’

    Please Read the Terms Conditions of use of TKiEE and click on ‘Accept’ if you are happy to accept these. You will not be able to proceed with the use of TKiEE if you do not accept the Terms & Conditions of Use.
    You will now see the ‘upload’ button.

    Please click on the ‘Upload’ button and pick your files
    Select the desired file and click ‘Open’.

    The system currently supports doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx and pdf formats (< 20mb).

    You can choose and upload multiple files one after the other.

    You will now see the file loaded into the Website and it will be prepared for presentation. This may take several minutes depending on the size of the file. To avoid unnecessary delays it is highly recommended that you upload your file before the scheduled time of your presentation.

    When the file has been uploaded and converted you will see the ready button as shown below
    When the file uploaded, the “Enter Session” Button will be enabled. You can click and enter the session.

    Once you entered the session for the first time, two emails will be sent to your registered Inbox containing the direct links to enter as a presenter and as a guest. You can always click the button “Presenter Desktop” to access the session key information.

    You are now ready to begin your presentation

How to Present a Session that you have already created

  • The easiest way to present a session is to click on the link that is sent to the person who created the session. This takes you into the session immediately without having to go through the process below

  • Login to TKiEE
  • Click on the ‘Enter session’ tab as shown below
  • Type the Session Participant Key and Click on Enter the Session password
  • You have now entered the session and are ready to begin your presentation

How to log in to TKiEE as a GUEST Presenter – (Present a session created by someone else)

  • Go to the TKiEE Website :
  • Click on ‘GUEST PRESENTER'
  • Click on the ‘Enter session’ tab as shown below
  • Type the participant key and password as shown below
  • Click on ‘Enter session’
  • You have now entered the session and you are ready to begin the presentation.

Selecting a Session from the Session List

  • Login to TKiEE
  • Click on the ‘Session List’ as shown below
  • Depending on how many sessions you have created you will see a list of files as shown below
  • Identify the Session code on the session that you wish to present and click on it. The Session will appear and will be ready for you to present.