Exploring the Functions of TKiEE (Presenter)

Functions Bars

  • Depending on your screen type, you will see the following presenter screens.

    If you are using Firefox or Chrome, you will be prompted to accept the use of a built-in microphone. If you plan to record from this device, please allow share. If you have accidentally disallowed this, you can refresh the page to reset the permission.

    All of TKiEE’s functions are in two bars as shown below

Basic Functions

  • Presenter Desktop Button
    The ‘Presenter Desktop’ button allows you to hide and show the Horizontal Menu Bar. Clicking it once will hide the Horizontal Menu Bar, click it again and it will show it again.
    The very small downward pointing vertical arrow in the top right corner of the screen is used to toggle the Vertical Menu Bar. If you click on that small arrow you will hide the Vertical Menu Bar. If you click on it again it will again display the Vertical Manu Bar

  • The ‘Home’ Button
    The Home button allows you to exit the current session to the TKiEE Session Management Portal. If you wish to go back to the same session simply click on the ‘Back’ button of your Browser.

  • The ‘SwitchMode’ Button
    The ‘SwitchMode’ Button allows you to view the presentation as it would be viewed on a mobile device. If you wish to go back to the original mode simply click on the ‘Back’ button of your browser. This is used when due to your browser setting, TKiEE sometimes may not accurately detect your mobile device type. If this occurs, clicking on the ‘SwitchMode’ Button will change screen type to mobile.

  • The ‘QR’ Button
    If you click on the QR code button you can display a QR code which when detected by the student QR reader it takes them to the current session immediately.

  • The ‘Files’ Button
    Clicking on the ‘Recording’ Button will provide you with options

Recording & Broadcasting

  • The Recording Function
    Clicking on the ‘Recording’ Button will provide you with options

    In order to record you will need to ‘Allow Sharing’ of your microphone. If you have not shared your microphone, recording will not be initiated and you will receive the message below

    Refreshing the Web page will initiate the request to accept microphone sharing and thus enable you to record.

    You can start recording a session at any time; all recordings will be saved automatically one presentation slide at a time until you press the stop recording button.

The Annotation Function

  • TKiEE offers a powerful function which allows you to annotate the slide during the presentation. It allows you to make annotations on an existing slide or create a new blank slide on which you can then annotate.

  • To activate the Annotation function simply click on the ‘Annotation’ Button.

    Click on the colour that you wish to use for your annotations
    You are now able to annotate using the colour of your choice

  • If you wish to change the thickness of the annotation pen, click on the button shown below

    Now click on the circle representing the desired pen’s thickness and continue annotating

  • If you wish to create a new blank slide on which to annotate, simply click on the icon shown below

  • To undo your changes click the left-pointing arrow, and to redo your changes click on the right-pointing arrow as shown below

  • If you wish to clear all of the annotations on a slide click on the button shown below.
    To Exit the Annotation mode simply click on the Annotation Button on the Horizontal Menu Bar

Presenter Services Button

  • This button activates the Presenter services menu as shown below
    Selecting ‘Mirror’ will create another instance of TKiEE to enable you to display in two different PC Monitors in the event that you do not have two different computers on which to launch one version for you with your dashboards and one for the students which does not display these.

  • Selecting the speaker notes allows you to see your associated notes for each slide on your screen without these being displayed on the student version.

  • Selecting the ‘NextSlide’ option allows you to display the next slide on your screen as a thumbnail so that you have a preview of the next slide in the presentation without displaying this to the students.

The TKiEE Tools Menu

  • TKiEE has additional tools that make it easier for the presenter to make effective presentations and learning interactions. To activate the TKiEE Tools Menu click on the ‘Tools’ Button as shown below